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  • Why NOW is the best time to "Go live!"

    Facebook Live is social media at its best!

    Facebook Live

    Live video on Facebook is truly interactive as broadcasters engage with their commenters and respond to their suggestions and questions. In fact, from initial data, we’ve seen that people comment more than 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos. We want people watching the broadcast after the fact to feel “in” on the action. To achieve this, we will replay comments as they happened during the live broadcast when people watch it later. - Facebook


    For the past year various video platforms have made available the ability to "Go Live" online to reach a greater audience.
    The clear winner is this race is Facebook Live!

    - Mike Stewart​, Video Expert

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  • Facebook Live Videos

    Here is a Sample of Facebook Videos on a Cell Phone. The Second Video was Live Streamed.

  • Facebook Live in Google Search!

    Google Trends

    Twitter, Snapchat, and now Facebook have all realized the effectiveness of live video. Facebook is putting a huge emphasis on live video, and they offer the biggest audience. Businesses who invest now in live video are essentially partnering with Facebook and stand to see significant long-term gains in their social marketing.

    Facebook Live Video is great for:

    • Connecting with current customers on Facebook
    • Live Events
    • Businesses
    • Product Descriptions
    • Grand Openings
    • Specials Offers
    • Instant Replay no editing needed
    • Downloading and using for Youtube
    • Updates
    • Momentum
    • Customer Testimonies
    • Being Creative
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