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    We're on a mission to connect your cause to the people who care the most using Social Media.

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    Meet Robert Velarde

    Social Media Evangelist

    Robert Velarde is a National Trainer/Motivator/Coach and Internet Marketing Strategist who specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) concepts and Web 2.0 social networks. He travels the country as Successful Thinkers’ (ST) Director of Social Media Development and SEO, public relations contact person and also for his role as an Ambassador in developing ST’s various Online and offline communities.

    He is a successful business owner and founder of First Listing (www.firstlisting.com); an Internet marketing service that enables its clients to achieve greater success by reaching their target audience through business branding and niche market penetration. Prior to First Listing, Robert formed A7, a dynamic team of savvy, skillful professionals- each with a unique set of talents to offer for providing a full spectrum of services to clients. In addition, he founded Strauss Promotions and utilized the A7 team to help promote The Strauss Festival of Elk Grove, CA and bring it to worldwide acclaim.

    Robert enjoys connecting with people and seeks to enrich those he meets through offering encouragement, inspiration, and instruction. His positive energy and upbeat personality have empowered people nationwide on a personal level, in public settings, and on a global scale via video webinars and training tutorials featured on the Internet.
    By providing tangible strategies with real-world application, Robert teaches individuals how to achieve extraordinary results in both their personal and professional lives. On an individual level, Robert’s methods include one-on-one mentorship and personal development techniques. On a business level, Robert’s techniques include advising businesses on how to harness the power of technology to increase exposure, gain more customers and to build a solid clientele base through consistent follow-up. His proven methods and positive “vibe” keep him in high demand these days as he travels to and fro in America, seeking whom he may empower…

  • Who's Talking About Us

    Robert has worked with celebrities, CEOs, countless entrepreneurs and business owners and television personalities.

    Testimonies and RavesFrom Rudy Ruettiger The Movie Rudy For Robert Velarde

    Testimonies and Raves For Robert Velarde


    Jim Britt

    Jim Britt

    Powerful, Lasting, Impact when Jim Britt is the featured speaker at your next special event. Over 4,000 audiences!


    Robert Velarde is not only a friend but an amazing social media expert. If you want to learn the how-to’s of social media Robert should be at the top of your list. If you ever need a speaker for a special event Robert is your man. He is humorous, knowledgeable, creative and up to date on social media trends and communicates his message in a down-to-earth way that engages his audience you will not be disappointed.

    October 24, 2012, Jim worked with Robert A. at Successful Thinkers Inc.

    John Orozco

    John Orozco

    Web Developer at Tend


    Robert is a self-motivated, happy and positive person who lights up a room everywhere he goes. He has the organization and time-management skills to lead a meeting, a meet-up, and a company. Robert is your go-to guy for everything! I would recommend Robert and I would have no problem working with him in the future.


    October 19, 2012, John was with another company when working with Robert A. at Successful Thinkers Inc.

    Anita Crawford Clark

    Anita Crawford Clark

    Psychology PhD Student - Emphasis in Media & Neuroscience / Writer / Speaker / Digital Content Creator


    Robert Velarde is a wealth of information, creative and innovative ideas when it comes to online marketing. His expertise in the arena of SEO has made him one of the most sought after SEO authorities in the Greater Sacramento Area and beyond. Robert is always on the leading edge of the latest and most valuable SEO and Social Media trends. HIs ability and willingness to teach and train others in SEO and Social Media Best Practices is one of many reasons business people, such as myself, are attracted to him.

    I have witnessed Robert befriend and work with celebrities, CEOs, countless entrepreneurs and business owners and television personalities. I have personally benefited from Robert's expertise. I have been able to see increased ROI in my own business from strategies I learned from Robert. His leadership, motivation, dedication, and innovation have made him one of the most well-known and trusted SEO and Social Media experts nationally.


    October 19, 2012, Anita worked directly with Robert A. at Successful Thinkers Inc.

    Jim Bellacera

    Jim Bellacera

    CEO and President at Successful Thinkers Inc. and Extreme Team LLC


    Robert Velarde and I go back seven years I have been so humbled to work with someone as talented as Robert.

    Robert is someone who doesn’t tell you what he can do, he shows you through his actions. When it comes to the internet Robert is defiantly someone I listen to he understands SEO and Social Media he has taken everyone he works with and has successfully ranked them to be found in the top of the search engines and creates friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter with the best of them, he has taught me well when it comes to social media and I have to say I have yet to hear of someone that knows more than Robert. He stays up on all the latest by reading everything he can get his hands on then he applies it to see how well these new ideas really work. Robert is relentless never tires and doesn’t stop until the job is finished or he is satisfied that he has under promised and over delivered. I am proud to call him my friend, partner and my mentor.

    Jim Bellacera

    September 28, 2010, Jim was with another company when working with Robert A. at Successful Thinkers Inc.

    Mark-Stemmy-Owner of Optimized Cycling Solutions

    Mark Stemmy

    Owner of Optimized Cycling Solutions


    Robert has been instrumental in helping create an online presence for my business. My work with him regarding my SEO (search engine optimization) and developing my social media presence has had a direct and positive impact on my business. Robert is the real deal.


    November 18, 2012, Mark was Robert A.'s client

    Morice Mabry

    Morice Mabry

    Training Consultant at EDD


    Robert is extremely detailed and passionate when it comes to serving you. Robert delivers on everything he says he's going to do and is very knowledgeable with SEO-Social Media. Robert has given me many nuggets and tips on Google and SEOs. Most importantly, he is a great guy who genuinely cares about your success.


    October 25, 2012, Morice was with another company when working with Robert A. at Successful Thinkers Inc.

    Wes Beavis

    Wes Beavis, Psy.D.

    Pastor, Bestselling Author, and Confidential Consultant to Executives


    In my entire world, no one knows how to facilitate and capitalize on the use of social media in building businesses more than Robert Velarde. He is a brilliant combination of skill, knowledge and upbeat attitude.


    November 8, 2012, Wes worked with Robert A. at NEW SOCIAL MEDIA = SOCIAL MEDIA + SEO TRAINING


    Randy Taylor

    Randy Taylor

    Speaker, Sales Trainer, 38 yrs. Published since 1998, Actor on T.V AND FILM


    I have observed Robert A. Velarde first hand for 7 years. He has skills in social media advertising, SEO, and public speaking. I also learned that he has training in conflict resolution which makes him an objective mediator and therefore helpful to any organization. Robert also has a respected reputation as a leader and contributor to a national networking association . He has become a friend but I am offering this unsolicited recommendation because he has earned it by helping others and exhibiting social media skills in the process.


    July 30, 2016, Randy worked directly with Robert A. at Successful Thinkers Inc.


    Faith Moore- McKinney

    Faith McKinney

    Networking:2020 Media centered networking organization


    Robert Velarde is a leader in the hugely popular Successful Thinkers Network.
    Roberts skills in social media, marketing, and speaking catapulted Successful Thinkers Network to an international organization.
    Robert was instrumental in creating a vision for Successful Thinkers of Indianapolis organization. His social media skill and training helped me create a solid and well-informed networking organization in Indianapolis Indiana.

    Faith McKinney
    Lead Ambassador, Successful Thinkers of Indianapolis

    November 8, 2012, Faith worked with Robert A. at NEW SOCIAL MEDIA = SOCIAL MEDIA + SEO TRAINING




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